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This infrastructure with several weighing stations (2, 3 or more) is fitted on our integrating belt scales intended for trade use (Class 1)

BeltScale(TAB Model)

This infrastructure with several weighing stations (2, 3 or more) is fitted on our integrating belt scales intended for trade use (Class 1). It is associated with the ROL400 TC electronic unit.
Model approval decision N° 0000 671 1.1 du 13/12/2000.

   BelScale(TAB Model)

General presentation

The TAB infrastructure is composed of :

  • A rigid chassis supported on the conveyor frame.
  • A weighing table composed of two longitudinal members braced by two bucket roller stations, with a design adapted to weighing (stiffness).
  • The lower part of the notches into which the rollers forming the bucket are positioned is equipped with an integrated screw system for adjustment of the roller height (alignment with upstream and downstream stations in the weighing area).
  • Four strain gauge cells, from which the weighing table is suspended through four suspension rods : these rods are fitted with clevis + needle-bowl devices providing the connection between the chassis and the load cells.

Note : The weighing table is provided with lateral supports for placement of test weights for simulation of the load during calibration.
Our infrastructures do not have any articulation or lever, which enables high precision and facilitates maintenance.
Ease of calibration by the use of standard trade weights; the value of calibration weights applied on the infrastructure actually represents the value of the weight on the belt.
Made of steel + EPOXY paint - Partial or table stainless steel version - Aluminium version on request.


Dynamic weighing - Integrating belt scale for use in class 1 trade transactions.
For all conveyors with belt width 400 to 2000 mm (other widths available on request).
Flow up to 4000 t/h.
Maximum precision : + 0,5 % within the measurement range 20 to 100% of the maximum flow provided that standard NF H 95320 is respected; material tests are essential to guarantee precision.

Note : Possibility of achieving + 0,2 % under some conditions (see STANDARDS section on back).

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