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This modular weighing structure with one weighing station is used in our belt and dosing scales the function of which is to control theproduction of bulk commodities

BeltScale(FX Model)

Range of use
This modular weighing structure with one weighing station is used in our belt and dosing scales the function of which is to control theproduction of bulk commodities. Integrated in a belt conveyor and connected to a I 400 SBS single-channel controller (for one single belt scale) or a I 400 MBS multi-channel controller (for up to 8 belt scales) and to the tachometer provided in each of these belt scales, the scale measures a continuous flow of bulk commodity with variable throughput and totalises the weights passed over the belt.

  BeltScale(FX Model)

General presentation
Made up of 2 identical weighing blocks, each equipped with a strain gauge load cell with integrated overload protection and locking device to prevent the system from being damaged during transport, a double fixation bracket, equipped with screw jacks allowing adjustment of the height and thus easy adaption to the roller blocks before and after the scale.
Equipped with a special roller station, allowing :

  • the adjustment of the trough angle from 20 to 45°
  • by its extra low design to suppress any shimming with respect to the roller stations before and after the scale
  • by means of its integrated screw jack system to adjust the height of the existing (or new) standard rollers at the extremities of the weigh belt
  • by the rigidity of its design to stop worrying about any deflection of the scale structure
  • to avoid any modification of the existing roller station
  • to integrate a rectractable test weight hook-on system
  • to stop worrying about possible flatness problems caused by the framework (that could deform the load cells or have them function under operating conditions) thanks to the articulating plates resting on the load cell assemblies
  • the weighing infrastructure can be adapted to any type of belt conveyor (frame, profiles, plate, tubular, trellis) irrespective of the belt width, the throughput and the belt speed. Installation does not require any cut-out on the conveyor’s frame work
  • finish: mild steel and Epoxy lacquer. Partial stainles steel or full stainless steel constructions on request

This new technology constitutes a compact assembly featuring 2 systems, the height and trough angle of which are adjustable as required for installation in the existing conveyor. Consequently it is easy to install and commission in a very short time (using classic installation tools)

Dynamic weighing - Integrating scale
For all belt conveyors with belt width from 500 to 1200 mm to the 53300 and 53301 standards. Other belt widths available on request. Accuracy: An accuracy of ± 0.5 to 1% can be achieved in the measuring range from 20 % to 100 % of the maximum capacity provided that the prescriptions laid down in the french standard NF H 95 320 are respected; dynamic tests, with commodity, are indispensable to guarantee the accuracy. Nota : For all the non standard particular cases, supply of a section adapted to the trough angle "Type FX".

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